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Production & Wholesale office
China, Guangzhou:

007 (963) 7888 788 
WhatsApp, Viber
your manager - Pankova Marta 

Creative & Wholesale office
 Russia, Moscow: 

007 (495) 984 89 34

Our e-mail: [email protected],
[email protected]
ICQ: 440185679
Skype: marta-style


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Basically, our items are distributed by contracted distributors to retailers. Each distributor has their wholesale policy and strategy. All responsibility for trade is on the distributor that you buy LIMARGY items from. If you can find a distributor in your country from the following list, You must buy LIMARGY items through contracted distributor.

More and more shops are choosing LIMARGY as their main items in their shop and we are expanding our business to more countries.


Russian distributor - Limargy Group Inc., Ltd

Без имени-1.jpg Shop address: Moscow, Pravda str., 24/7,

Ukrainian distributor - Golodko Company 

Flag_Ukraine.png Shop address: Harkov, Rodnikovaya str., 9A,

 Latvian distributor - Leards Company 

1latvia.gif Shop address: Riga, Anninmuizas iela 82-100


Estonian saller - Zookeskus Ltd., Co,

 estonia.png Shop address: Sitsy str., 15B

Estonian saller - Solidis OÜ

 estonia.png Shop address:

France saller - Mrs GUGLIELMI Alena

france.gif Shop address: 55 avenue de Cannes, Bat D

France saller Mr Denis Gavrilov

 france.gif Shop address: Juan Les Pins, 80 bd du president Wilson Res. ''Les Naiades'' 

Japan saller - Mrs Abramova Daria

япония.jpeg Shop address:

Switzerland saller - LuxDog Boutique

834309236.jpg Shop address: Zunstrasse 16, 8152

Belgium sellerSolanex BVBA

Belgica.png Shop address: Lodewijk de Koninckstraat 40, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

If you wanna be our distributor or wholesaller, please, send a letter for our e-mail -

[email protected]

We work only on advance payment deposit 30%(cash, bank account, Western Union, PayPal).

Time for produce goods after deposit - 30-60 days, depends from QTY

Check please HAVE STOCK!!! 

Most of all goods you can order from stock!

  • Global Standard Barcode (EAN-13)
  • LIMARGY use global standard barcode called EAN-13, our distributor and retailers all over the world canuse this barcode.


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