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Production & Wholesale office
China, Guangzhou:

007 (963) 7888 788 
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your manager - Pankova Marta 

Creative & Wholesale office
 Russia, Moscow: 

007 (495) 984 89 34

Our e-mail: [email protected],
[email protected]
ICQ: 440185679
Skype: marta-style


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Terms of Cooperation

The most elegant choise clothing and accessories for dogs, meet all current trends of the season - all this is our range! Our goal - working with us, you forget about problems associated with the selection of the range for your shop.

All goods only factory production (China), made for export, all the materials meet all requirements for your type of goods. This product TM "LIMARGY" produced by our designs, so is the exclusive. We offer a full range of products: clothing, collars, leashes, bags, beds, shoes, jewelry.

For complete information about the latest trends and updates welcome at our web site.
  • Design
The main designer of TM LIMARGY and company owner - russian lady Marta L-Lux. She was starting to produce her fashion clothes when she was small girl, started from clothes for women, but it was not so interesting for small girl. Clothes for dogs was her dreams and her poodle. Clothes by LIMARGY was started from clothes for her dog. After a few years the clothes by Marta L-Lux for dogs become more and more famous and popular in the word. Now our company work with many factories in China and have many designers of our brand.
  • Goods

LIMARGY launches new collection three-four times in a year. New collection has more than fifty new items. Whenever LIMARGY launches new collection, we publish printed catalogs for that season. We publish about 10,000 copies for our customers and those are distributed to retailers by LIMARGY official distributors and headquarter. Consumers can see our full printed collection near retailer's shop and can see web catalog at

LIMARGY has more than hundreds of designs and products since 2007 year and still develops and designs fashionable pet products.

More and more shops are choosing LIMARGY as their main items in their shop and we are expanding our business to more countries.

  • Distribution

Basically, our items are distributed by contracted distributors to retailers. Each distributor has their wholesale policy and strategy. All responsibility for trade is on the distributor that you buy LIMARGY items from. If you can find a distributor in your country from the following list, You must buy LIMARGY items through contracted distributor.

We work only on advance payment deposit 30%(cash, bank account, Western Union).

Time for produce goods after deposit - 30-60 days, depends from QTY. Most of all goods we have on stock!

  • Global Standard Barcode (EAN-13)
  • LIMARGY use global standard barcode called EAN-13, our distributor and retailers all over the world can use this barcode.

    • About collection

    LIMARGY has 5 brands inside:

    Limargy - Casual and elegant Collection of clothes and some accessories

    EcoStyle - more easy design and material but with same quality

    LimSPORT - Sport Collection of clothes and some accessories

    TAKSA  - special goods just for dachshund

    LimAcsess - Collection of Accessories

    • Showroom

    Our showroom located in China, Guangzhou at the following address:

    Baiun District, Guangzhou, China - now we are choosing new office for work

    Hours: Monday - Saturday from 10.00 - 19.00

    Sunday and holidays - closed

    We work for you by internet 24 hours, you can contant with us very easy

    • Our contacts:

    e-mail: [email protected]

    [email protected]


    Skype: marta-style

      Production & Wholesale office. China, Guangzhou:

     007 (963) 7888 788 WhatsApp, Viber

    your manager - Pankova Marta 

    [email protected] - please contact us by e-mail, now we are choosing new office for work.

    Address: Baiun District, Guangzhou, China

    International manager - Pankova Marta (every time with you on the phone, icq, skype, e-mail and ect.)

    If you wanna visit us in our office in China, please, give us to know, our managers will meet you and will show you our showroom and factory directly!!!

    Creative & Wholesale office.  Russia, Moscow: 

    007 (495) 984 89 34 

    007 (963) 7888 788 WhatsApp, Viber

    Address: Russia, Moscow, Pravda str., 24/7

    International manager - Pankova Marta (every time with you on the phone, icq, skype, e-mail and ect.)


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